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The last street of a southern town

'The last street of a southern town' is a documentary photography project that explores the diverse cultural and natural landscapes that make up the Chilean Region of Ohiggins.
Although the region borders the cosmopolitan metropolis of Santiago, it is a place where time seems to have stood still and traditional values and gender norms challenge the country's progressive advances.

It is a region whose traditional culture has been deeply shaped by the powerful and late presence of the hacienda system with its notion of rural servitude to the master and, in doing so, provided a striking allegory for the authoritarian political regimes that characterized Chile's not-so-distant history.

This visual exploration offers an intimate perspective on the region's natural landscapes, culture, and magical realism, revealing the essence of a place where the boundaries between the rural and the urban and the material and immaterial become blurred and tradition resists contemporaneity.

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