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Here and There

"Here and There' is a photographic series that captures the daily lives of the younger generation within an indigenous community belonging to the Tikuna tribe, residing in the lush Colombian Amazon region.

Within this verdant domain, where the primal forces of nature manifest in heightened clarity—humidity, heat, impromptu torrential rains, and the ceaseless swarms of mosquitoes that grant no respite to visitors—a perpetual orchestra of the natural sounds of the jungle is a reminder of its thriving vitality and gives shape to the narratives shared by the communities older generation. Spirits and enchanting entities coexist within the forest and are intricately interwoven with everyday existence.

While the emerging generation often straddles two realms—the contemporary and the traditional—anchoring one foot in each, the resilient roots shared amongst the inhabitants of this region possess a strength that transcends that of many metropolitan settings, and thus many of those who leave, either return or stay close, thus existing both 'here' and 'there'. 

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